Sydney-Based Australian Artist

I like to draw. It's the way I start any of my art projects. My preferred mediums are charcoal and ink for tonal work and oil for colour. I have workshopped in Italy in gold leaf and egg tempera and enjoy the technical side of preparing grounds and pigments with historical reference.

My time at NAS gave me a solid foundation in art history and theory and an appreciation of contemporary art forms. I now recognise that there is nothing original in art. The images we are producing are the result of information gathered in our lifetime, modified by input from others and assembled in our imaginations. The art then, is in how we present these images, the possibilities are endless and the work begins.

'Drawing can teach us to see: to notice properly rather than gaze absentmindedly. In the process of recreating with our own hand what lies before our eyes, we naturally move from a position of observing beauty in a loose way to one where we acquire a deep understanding of its parts'.

~John Ruskin~
Current Works
Madonna Incoronata Egg tempera and gold leaf on wood panel
17 x 16 cm
2014 Price:$2,000.00
Portrait of a Studious Girl egg tempera and gold leaf on wood panel
29cm x 25cm
Divine Inspiration egg tempera and gold leaf on wood panel
25cm x 29cm